Monday, June 28, 2010

"Waterfall" Jesse Crupper

This concept was born out of a thought of expressing several scales of time through my wall system. During a rain event, water will trickle down the side of the building, through the planter, and continue down to a garden on the ground below. The plants continue to grow seasonally, aided by the occasional rain. The facade begins to show its age, as the path of this water intentionally stains its surface. Each of these processes will represent its own place in a cycle. The rain cycle, planting cycle, and the maintenance cycle of the building facade.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoy the idea that storm water can be animated like a waterfall and also grow plants. Often times in landscape and architecture water is hidden, like a stream in a culvert or roof water in a drainpipe. I have never seen a "waterfall" in buster simpsons drainpipe sytems, and I think your idea is a great insight into animation of invisibile storm water processes. For excellent precedents into the articulation of water "staining" on building ans wall systems, look up the "jardin des bambous" @ parc de la villette and the interior details of Vals Therm by Vumthor, where weep holes and scuppers direct water down a surface to intentionally stain it.