Monday, June 28, 2010

"Vegetated Sconces" Leanne Wagener


  1. I love how you documented the process, beginning to end. And the end turned out very beautifu!

  2. I agree with jesse that your process documentation is great, and the final product is beautiful. I can envision this work as an art installation or as part of an interior design. The flexibility of the system you have created does not limit the form to orthagonal rows, but could also be conceived of in a where the patterns undulate or break appart. I have a few questions about how water interacts with your vessel...
    it reminds me of the way a rhizomatic plant grows and segments itself, and this could offer the key for how to plant your vessel using a rhizomatic plant such as a spreading bamboo. I can envision the bamboo navigating this vessels and colonizing the space nicely since the form is evocative of its own biology.
    nice work....