Monday, June 28, 2010

"Living Wall Trellis" Molly McGowan

Project Description:
This project utilized a discarded shipping pallet, corrugated
plastic roofing, and hardware cloth. The wooden pallet acts as a
framework that would be bolted to a wall. The corrugated roofing is
pinned several inches behind the wooden slats of the pallet, and thin
strips of hardware cloth are weaved in and out of the wooden slats and
periodically attached to the corrugated roofing in order to secure
plantings in place in the concave sections of the plastic roofing. There
would be a drip irrigation system providing nutrient rich water that
would flow down the surface of the corrugated roofing allowing the
plants to uptake the water and nutrients they need and be collected at
teh bottom. The woven pattern of the wooden slats and hardware cloth is
intended to add visual interest, structure , and as a medium for
vine-like plants to grow and support themselves along. The idea is that
this system would create an aesthetic reminiscent of a vertical trellis
without the necessity of visible planter boxes or the limitation of only
supporting species that grow in vines.

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