Monday, June 28, 2010

"The Revived Hanging Basket" Holly Workman

The inspiration for the design came form the flow of water emulated by the tear drop shape and cool color palette. The diagonal pattern of the vegetation is reflective of a river.

This pattern would ideally cover the entire structure but in order to show it’s form little vegetation is shown.

Materials include: reclaimed gutter filter, wire mesh support bottom, and filter felt

1 comment:

  1. I am torn between loving the form/site/scale, and questioning the material choice. It seems that the form of the "basket" and the spacing of the hole pattern are in conflict, which for me raises a question about whether the "truth" of the material has translated into the final form. The form is certianly remeniscent of a drolplet, and the organization remeniscent of a hanging basket, but it seems the material would be better suited as a column or cylindrical form so the hole pattern is not offset and in conflict as the diameter decreases. The flexibility of the grid does offer you a wide array of planting arrangements, and once vegetated my comments above may become irrelevant, but it is something to consider. That being said, i can imagine the fully vegetated vessel having a beautiful droplet form as you have intended. I am wondering if the droplet form would be better accomplished with a larger sheet of mesh like you have used in the bottom section, not a linear grided material like the gutter filter???