Monday, June 28, 2010

"Teleplant" Walter Cicack

The teleplanter represents the reimmersion of life from a once-dead organic form.

The project consists of a 20” length of discarded telephone pole which found its way into the local reclamation dump, soil substrates, and several vibrant living sedums.

The telephone pole is a piece of western red cedar which once grew and flourished. Seeing that is was doomed to rot in a dump, I felt lke it was appropriate to give it a new purpose, and a new life.

To acomplish this I routed out a large planting basin on the top face to hold a generous amount of substrate and subums. Then, seeing the bare knots on the sides, I also routed out a series of interconnected internal chanels which provided a drainage pathway for the top planter and an opportunity to smaller sedums to poke out from the sides.

1 comment:

  1. It is interesting that you are approaching the creation of a horticultural building system using the processes of excavation and reduction of a mass, like that found in some sculptural form making processes. I am interested in the protential for process to inform the creation of the system, so i would like to undestand other ways of reducing a mass to introduce vegetation, maybe at the scale of an entire building.
    Another thing that is curious to me, is that now you are working on casting, another process, with a whole history of use and potenital aplication. As you create mass by casting, dont forget the process of reduction and erosion by human hands or by natural process. I think there is an aspect of this thinking in your term project, right??