Monday, June 28, 2010

"Urban Herb Garden Vessel" Alexandria Donati

-Module herb garden units comprised of tin, wood and filter felt.

-Inspired by a contemporary spice rack with the potential for massing or artistic displays.

-Water sharing and rain capture capabilities.


  1. i am very interesting in your concept of water droplets irrigating and connecting your vessels!!!! it is very exciting that the idea of irrigation as a formal element has emerged from your material investigations, and now finds its way into your term-project. something as diceptively simple as a water droplet fully activates your design.. There are other great things happening, but for me articulating the movement of water sets up the entire project. The grid of cylinders also creates a pure geometry that resonates with a modern design aesthetic and organizes the wall space. your stitching, peeling, and craftsmanship are also worthy of praise.. As I think about the path of water, there is also the potential for a single drop of water to miss the fabric vessel, hit the tin, and begin to patina the metal surface.
    great work!!

  2. Wow! such a forward thinking idea, incredibly simple yet functional and eye catching all at the same time. Personally my style is low maintenance and with your, "no fuss" creation you make the non-plant growers of this world, like myself, believers in the possibilities. I love the concept and the versatility that can come from it.

  3. Cool idea! It's certainly much more aesthetically than the standard ways in which people watering the garden