Monday, June 28, 2010

"Growing Curtain" Eva Peterson

Two plant vessels are connected by a chain that directs water from the upper plant to the lower. Plants grow to meet each other as the curtain evolves.

The modular, flexible vessels can be used individually or connected in a rhythmic series.

In a kitchen setting plantings may be edible. Purely ornamental plants may be selected for other spaces.

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  1. You presentantion images are very clear and concise, making it very easy to unsestand how this system would integrate with a room. It seems perfect for a kitchen window spice rack or privacy screen. Technically, it seems like you may only need to water the plants from the top vessels and water could drip down the chain. This sytem may be translatable on a larger scale for the creation of an entire green facade suppoted by cables. The integration to a vessel with at tensile structural system could generate some very interesting work in the future.. I encourage you to think on a larger scale as there is great potential..