Monday, June 28, 2010

"Ring-Net Wall Planting Vessel" Jennifer Purcell

This exterior of the vessel is constructed of 1-1/4 to 1” reduction washers and hardware cloth. All materials are joined with wire from chicken wire fencing. It measures approximately 13” wide by 7” tall and is 4” deep. Inside exterior materials is a non-woven fabric envelope filled with planting medium. On the back of the vessel, there is a mounting bracket. Depending upon the screws used, this could be mounted on a variety of surfaces. The shininess of the exterior materials gives this vessel a more modern, less organic appearance.


  1. I absolutely love the dwell magazine rendering.

  2. i wonder at what point the circular washers become there own form and dictate the geometry of your design. If we had another week and few hundred addtional washers, the geometry would be entirely determined by the circular shape of the washer and location of the wire attachment points. The resulting forw would be an interesting form to support the fabric, soil, and plant growth. I am excited by the idea that plant growth can be supported by a sculptural framework that is beautiful, and independent of the plants. I think this idea is translating into your work with ceramics.