Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Grow More"

"Grow More": Green Wall Graffiti

Beginning with the concept of an “Urban Art Green Wall,” this investigation into the graphic interaction between man-made designs and organic plant growth has taken on the new title of “Grow More.”

This system incorporates a graffiti spray-painted canvas of fibrous air filters that covers a vertical living wall assembly. Pillows of soil/seed-filled felt and mesh are suspended with horizontal strips and watered by an integral drip feed system. As the seedlings sprout, they extend through the embellished filters to produce leaves and flowers further enhancing the visual composition.

The combination of a rain screen and a planted component, without a water/airproof membrane, allows the system to function as a breathable wall and act as a heat sink for the interior space. The majority of exterior rainfall is shed off the face of the air filters while allowing for air vapor to reach the soil pockets behind. Allowing for more control over the moisture content, a drip feed tubing line is woven through the pockets to hydrate the soil mix. From the interior, the moist felt and air movement work to lower the ambient temperature through evaporative cooling.

Brian Carter – Summer 2010 – Horticultural Building Systems – Univ. of Oregon

Construction Sequence:

1. The construction began with laying flat a sheet of felt fabric on top of horizontal 1.5” x ½” x 70” furring strips spaced every 10” on center.

2. Next, a mix of peat moss, pumice, fertilizer, wildflower and morning-glory seeds is piled in 8“ rows between the furring strips beneath the layer of felt.

3. A mesh fabric is then laid over the soil mix and strips of 1.5” x ½” x 70” furring are fastenedto the furring beneath the felt in the spaces between the mounds to secure the mix.

4. The fabric and furring construction is then applied to the vertical surface, felt to the back, by attaching 2” screws through the (2) furring strips into the wall studs.

5. A drip feed line is fed along the horizontal spaces behind the face mesh layer and switches-back with every horizontal soil pocket.

6. Vertical furring strips are then attached to the horizontal slats. These will be used to attach the air filters in a uniform surface.

7. Next, (12) 1” x 20”x 30” Cut N Fit Air Filters are arranged on the vertical surface and attached with 1.5” lath screws.

8. The final surface embellishment is applied with nontoxic spray paint. The text reads “Grow More” and follows the style of urban graffiti art. The next graphic iteration will result from plants growing through the air filters.


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