Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FINAL_PROJECT Urban Farm Stormwater by Eva Peterson & Vanessa Nevers

The spiraling downspout installation at the potting shed redirects stormwater from the roof to the river rock infiltration bed below. The infiltration bed is situated in the previous location of a comfrey patch. When the comfrey returns it will contribute to the cleansing and filtration of the stormwater as it it percolates through the infiltration bed to the water table. The scale of the infiltration bed also addresses the accumulation of stormwater runoff from the paved pathways adjacent to potting shed. The initial design concept for the downspout system incorporated three appendages of flexible plastic tubing which were intended for use as small scale planters that would take up a portion of the initial stormwater flush. The installation of these appendages proved problematic in terms of inappropriateness of material, leakage, and aesthetic sensibility. For these reasons, they were eliminated from the final installation of the downspout. While this was a disappointing decision to make, we felt it to be necessary for the system to function and effectively deal with the issue of stormwater management at the potting shed.



In addition to the stormwater management system at the potting shed, there is a second system in progress located near the ceramics studio by the urban farm. This system will draw water from the roof of the ceramics shed and carry it through "waterfall" step system along the fence and down to the infiltration bed. This system will incorporate downspout drip units to allocate water to gutter planters mounted on the fence. Drawings and info for this project can be seen at the Urban Farm Mid-Review post. Work will continue on this project in the coming weeks and the final images will be posted when it is complete.

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